About N.O.T.I.C.E.D.

The interactive installation, “You’ve Been Noticed” is a hypothetical organization that aims to address the very real psycho-social needs of individuals in our particular culture and time due to violence, racism, and inequalities. The acronym N.O.T.I.C.E.D stands for the National Organization of Thoughtfully Identified Complaints and Education Distribution. 

The project, “You’ve Been Noticed” was developed by artist Jamie Crooke Powell to directly address the recent violence, hate, racism, and fear that this current election has produced and exposed. Many people are suffering from two distinct interpersonal conflicts: fight or flight. Some people are ready to fight the blatant violence, hate, racism, and fear; while others need a moment of healing first. As a trained artist that has also studied therapeutic modalities Jamie is sensitive to the many individuals who are trying to negotiate our current socio-political climate. The goal of this project is to use principals from therapeutic practices, such as mirroring and witnessing, to sincerely offer a moment of relief and reflection, while using a hypothetical national model for an advocacy group or campaign. The project will record complaints anonymously that will be posted on the project website for others to read in an attempt to realize that none of us are alone in our feelings of anger, grief, etc., and it is possible to continue positive change in this country.



About Artist: www.JamieCrooke.com